Frequently asked Questions

Cold wax medium is made from a formula of bees wax and odourless mineral spirits and comes in the form of a soft paste.  I mix it with oil paint which enables me to use it in a very painterly manner and it offers me endless potential for my creative expression.  Often I use only a rubber bowl scraper to apply the paint which allows me to work in a loose and uncomplicated manner.

Go to Contact. Complete the form and press send. I will contact you regarding your options to pay and arrangements for pick up or delivery.

Yes I allow my clients to take work home on approval.  It is important that my clients are completely satisfied and certain that they love the painting they have chosen.  There is also an option to rent a painting by the month.  Contact me for more details.

Some styles of oil and cold wax paintings are better suited to a rigid surface.  It enables various techniques like sanding, lifting of colour and scratching of the surface.

Very durable.  This form of medium has been in use since the 1930’s and gives a lovely velvety hard matte finish that is resistant to the elements.

Cut a piece of coloured paper the size of your chosen painting and pin it up in the desired space.  After a while you will know if it will be suitable. I often recommend that a larger rather than a smaller painting be used in the designated space.